Divergence Between Annotated Bibliography and Abstract

Although looks akin but different phases of an assignment have their own notes and points. They reflect their own standards and are hence different from other divisions. An annotated bibliography and abstract are two different segments of an assignment, let’s see how they are unlike from each other –

Bibliography – It is a list of sources at ease in the assignment arranged in an alphabetical order. It highlights the way to the reader from where the content has been taken.

Annotated Bibliography – “Annotation” gives the complete detail about the source, its content and purpose so that the reader can be aware of the authenticity and the expediency of the summary of the content mentioned in the source. Certain rules recommend that titles or words should not be repeated and same information’s should not be followed. Thus, an annotated bibliography gives detail information, but in crisp content about the source and its utility to the reader.

                                                It can be of two types: Evaluative and descriptive. Evaluative annotation is based on the logical evaluation of the source and its content for the assessment of methodologies, graphical representations and formulation involved in the assignment. On the other side descriptive annotation is based on the description of the content. Also, annotated bibliography guzzles up the entire content of the assignment in order to form the research based questionnaire.

Abstract – An abstract is a summative description of the assignment written by authors and are used for further details of the assignment. Rather than evaluative assessment as in the annotated bibliography, it focuses on descriptive explanation about the main concerns mentioned in the assignment and helps the reader to acknowledge the genuineness of further reading the content. An ensuring abstract contains- Bibliography of the source, reason behind the work, summary of the content and conclusion.

Thus, the divergence between annotated bibliography and abstract are minutely analyzed.

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